Fake Light


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We are playing with the differences between improvisation and composition.

Fake Light was written collaboratively off of a rhythmic idea put forth by our drummer, Jonathan. We elaborated on that idea harmonically and melodically, and used our full range of sounds and textures to create the final product. Every sound can be played live on our instruments– even though this was recorded over a matter of weeks and is composed of many layers, the end product is something that we can play.

We use computers to augment and add to our sound, and are working on incorporating them into our everyday setup and improvising with them in the same way we would with an unaffected acoustic instrument.

Stage One is a completely improvised piece. We didn't establish any parameters at all beforehand, we just started playing and it happened. It is a pure representation of the moments in time we played it.


released December 9, 2016

Russell Kelly, guitar/computer
Jonathan Greene, drums/electronic drums and triggers
John Ray, bass/computer
Jason Faylen, live and studio mixing



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John Ray Winston Salem, North Carolina

I am a bassist and surrealist kazoo artist from Winston-Salem, NC. I specialize in improvisation both on the bass and computer, but also with my lifestyle and finances. You can find on the site music I have created in a more compositional manner, along with improvised music I have created under the pseudonym Mr. Haircut for my podcast of the same name. Please enjoy yourself with my offerings. ... more

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